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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, the end of an era. david letterman's last show. we have a count down clock in the bottom right corner. wait until you see the top ten list. it is like no other. america's comedy legends say farewell tonight. we will take you live to new york for the sneak peek of the grand finale. tonight, the tenants from hell are back. >> they move in, but then they won't pay and they won't leave. we were there last year when they were evicted from an apartment in san bruno. but they didn't go far. mark kelly found them. >> reporter: is there a reason the rent has not been paid? >> get your [bleep] camera men out of my [bleep] face. it is not [bleep] welcome. you don't have my permission.
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>> reporter: as the tenants from hell. amber and tony live upstairs from them. they let them in out of pity because the mother was in jail. >> women in crisis. she wanted to help her. >> reporter: but within weeks, she was back home and pity turned to frustration. >> two weeks of moving in, she changed the lock. >> reporter: they had to call the police to get their belongings out of the shared garage. when the new tenants stopped paying the rent, the menjevars realized they may have been conned. >> reporter: she knows she legally has three or four months and that is her game. that is when amber went online and found two kpix5 reports on debra derobero doing the same thing to another hapless home angler and i looked at the story and i thought to myself
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here is part three. >> reporter: turns out there are more than three parts to this story. we found eight evictions against the family in the past six years. >> unfortunately, there are some people who move from property to property. >> reporter: aaron farmer represented not one, but two landlords that tangled with debra one at the other. >> the sheriff comes to remove her from the first property on one day, and literally the next day, she is moving into the next property. >> reporter: he showed us documents from his last case. a bad check written to closed account. a rental application with a fake name. even a doctored paycheck stub from a job as a legal assistant. >> i called the law firm and they said she hasn't worked here for years. to know she has done this multiple other times is just horrible. >> reporter: we wanted to ask debra about that. >> tell us your story debra? >> i'm not debra. you have the wrong person. >> what is your name? >> i'm not interviewing with
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anybody. >> reporter: she told us we had it wrong and she is not on the lease. >> that doesn't matter if you are still on the lease, you have to pay the rent. >> i need you to leave. the police are coming. >> reporter: sure enough, the tenants have called the cops on us. >> she should be prosecuted for this. she is hurting a lot of people. >> absolutely, you call them squatters. >> professional squatters. serial squatters. >> reporter: so the tenants have been served a three-day notice but the eviction process takes several months. without any rent coming in and a mortgage to pay, the mengerars say they are in danger of losing their own home. >> with all the evictions on their record, how are they able to do this? >> reporter: they are targeting these small landlords who are not doing background checks or checking references. they are the landlords they are targeting. if you are a landlord, you can have someone do this for you and we put all that information online on >> thanks mark.
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>> thank you. well, 34 million cars recalled because of dangerous air bags. tonight, it has created a frenzy. nervous car owners are calling bay area dealerships saying they need an appointment asap. christin ayers is right now along auto row in oakland tonight. christin? >> reporter: it is about one in seven cars on the road that have been recalled. many of them hondasful it is causing major backlogs of dealerships like this one and all over the country. rick sam is one of the lucky ones. he got the air bag on his honda crv replaced after three weeks of driving in fear. air bags on several makes can deploy violently sending shrapnel flying into drivers faces. five people have already died. tonight in oakland, the phone calls from concerned drivers won't stop.
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>> a thousand easy. we have ordered over probably two or three thousand air bags at this point that are still on back order. >> reporter: stacks of air bag order forms fill desks. >> we could have a whole department devoted just to the air bag recall at this point. >> reporter: one san francisco dealership told us they have added seven extra people to handle the calls and made 70 repairs today alone. this customer walked into honda of oakland with her recall notice in hand ready to pick up her car a month after ordering a new air bag. other drivers could be waiting twice as long. >> we call the people waiting the longest. >> reporter: the good news is honda is offering free loaner vehicles to anyone waiting on a fix, however, they are urging any driver who has this problem to not disable their air bags. reporting live in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> 11 different vehicle manufactures are involved in this huge recall. the companies told cbs news they are still waiting on details from takata to
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determine which models may have defective air bags. to see if your vehicle is on the list, you can go to cbss the state said enough. some farmers who for years have been able to use as much water as they want have been cut off completely. juliette goodrich is over at the altamont and san joaquin county where this is a game changer for the ag industry. >> reporter: it certainly is a game changer. plenty of wind here tonight as you can see. but water is a whole different story. especially for farmers along the san joaquin valley river. those who have had water rights for years. tonight, those rights are being cut off. >> we are in the delta. we have never had a situation where we have been lacking water. >> reporter: delta farmers have had senior farmer rights. priority access to water. because their land sits on the
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river. but winds of change have blown through the delta. the farmers have learned they have to stop pumping water from the san joaquin river. delta farmers had a different plan by volunteering to reduce water use by 25%. >> the alternative is the state coming in saying there can't be any water. you can't divert at all. they have the big stick is what it amounts to. >> reporter: now these mandatory cuts could happen as soon as friday. we are talking farmers along is san joaquin valley river. the farmers in the central valley are trying to make a deal with the state to cut back by 25%. in windy tracey, i'm juliette goodrich, kpix5. tonight, the governor declared a state of emergency for the central california coast where 105,000 gallons of crude oil may have spilled. 20,000 gallons may have ended
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up in the pacific ocean near refugio state beach. the oil slick stretches nine miles down the coast. betty yu is there with the latest. betty? >> reporter: ken, i can tell you it smells like burning rubber around here. in fact, we could smell the oil from inside our live truck with all the windows rolled up from at least a mile away. and here on the beach, we are seeing that oil splattered just about everywhere on rocks like this one. tonight, cloudy brown water laps what used to be a pristine sandy beach along the santa barbara county coast. workers in protective suits spent the day cleaning up a shovelful at a time. hand crews are bagging up oil contaminated sand as new crude watches ashore with every wave. just offshore, containment vessels are trying to stop the slick from spreading. crude was floing through the
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line at 84,000 gallons an hour when the leak was detected yesterday. it took three hours to shut it down. >> we are sorry this accidental release has happened and we are bringing in all the resources at our disposal to respond. >> reporter: you can already see the impact. this bird was coated with oil. santa barbara county district attorney joyce dudley is considering criminal charges and civil liabilities against the pipeline company. >> i don't know if this is a crime scene yet but as i look across this ocean and i see these rocks covered with tar and oil, it almost feels like blood. >> the coast guard ... >> reporter: well, the cause of this spill is still under investigation. and cleanup here could take weeks. they have closed beaches and catch grounds ahead of the memorial day weekend. and ken, the slick is now moving south with the winds and the currents. >> it is just horrible to see. anybody who has gone down the
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coast knows that beach. what a shame. betty yu reporting. >> reporter: absolute shame ken. beautiful scenic stretch of the santa barbara coast. >> thank you betty. joe vasquez is on the bay tonight as well and tells us the cleanup crews in santa barbara are taking some of their cues from the lessons we learned here. joe? >> reporter: ken, eight years ago when we had our own massive oil spill here on the bay, an environmental group was trying to help, but they couldn't get through the switchboard of the coast guard. they ended up changing the way that we respond to oil spills in california. >> the spill in santa barbara is definitely a wakeup call for the bay area to make sure we are ready for the next oil spill. >> reporter: she runs bay keeper, a watch for the san francisco bay when it comes to pollution. back in 2007 when the tanker crashed into the bay bridge, 53,000 gallons of oil spilled. 26 miles of shoreline were covered in oil. nearly 7,000 birds and
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thousands more fish died. the coast guard initial response was very slow. have they learned from that experience in santa barbara? >> it seems like the agencies are out faster this time around. but we won't know for sure until we see the aftermath and see exactly how the evaluations go down. the crews have been out. the booms have come out. but it seems like the spill estimate was also low in this case. >> reporter: bay keeper is behind a recently passed state law which required better communication and faster responses to oil spills. timely as oil companies have said they are about to bring a thicker type of oil through the bay. >> and certainly, if a heavy fuel like tar sands are starting to come in on tankers and pipelines, we want to be sure we are ready. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the legislation of bay keeper helped pass on the wake
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of the ship spill came up with new ways to deal with the oil spills. tonight, an elderly woman is in a coma after an attack from another woman on mother's day. veronica de la cruz has the story. >> reporter: the 77-year-old woman was hit in the head twice when she got off a muni bus in san francisco's china town. she is in intensive care. there is a chance she might not make it. the two of them are seen here today. the granddaughter is in hawaii. the attack happened probably on stockton or sutter street and left her grandmother so disoriented she walked past her home twice. she tried to sleep it off but had no idea how serious her injuries were. now she is in the hospital fighting for her life with her attacker still on the loose. >> they should be ashamed of themselves for striking an innocent elderly, especially on mother's day. regardless of what day of the week it is. but there should be no reason
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why. >> reporter: connie says her grandmother had a clipper card. that could help police retrace her route. they are looking for a good samaritan who helped her grandmother after she was hit. connie hopes he comes forward to help in the investigation. i'm veronica de la cruz, kpix5. tonight, these three guys are behind bars accused of a wild night of crime including running over and killing a woman in san francisco's financial district. she was killed last month at california and kerney. police were going after the three men for allegedly stealing a car and pulling off a bunch of robberies. investigators say as they sped away in the stolen car, they plowed into bridget clecker who was crossing the street. she worked at in a cafe at google. we learned there is one problem. andria borba found out what is going on. >> reporter: it is a problem we all deal with. around here, it is traffic. especially here in china basin.
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especially after an event at at&t park. is there ever a hotter ticket than giants dodgers? if you didn't know the answer to that question, just ask the 41,000 fans that piled into at&t tonight and parked in mission bay. in the shadow of the house that timmy built, $243 million of sfpd southern station. a new quake proof facility with one minor problem. >> only a couple way ins and a couple of ways out. >> reporter: the problem of getting officers and cruisers out the door on game night immediately became apparent. >> as everyone is leaving the parking lots, bumper to bumper i. right in front of where our garage is, there are no keep clear lanes so people were blocking the exit and entrance and our cars were not able to go to where they needed to be. >> reporter: the fix is simple. before the last out is
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recorded, the barriers go up giving a clear lane out of the traffic insanity and to the emergency. >> obviously, it is always a lot nicer when the giants win and everyone is in a cheery mood, but we have the rest of the city to patrol. >> reporter: but as mission bay gets built up with more temples of sports fandom. >> i don't know what we will do when the warriors are here. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. >> 250 police personnel work at the new building. 6,028 shows. almost 2,000 guests. tonight, this is it. we are about 20 minutes away from david letterman's final show. reporter suzanne marques is live outside the ed sullivan theater with a sneak peak. >> reporter: ken, what a night standing under this marquee. the final night of david letterman. but i have to tell you it does not disappoint. he is true dave through and through. he controls this entire show.
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the jokes are incredible. it is a slew of a listers honda of oakland come on the show and the audience tells me there were bittersweet moments. a lot of flash backs but when they left, they say they felt uplifted. david letterman took the stage at the ed sullivan theater for the last time to a standing ovation. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: the late show host ended his 33 year late night tv career wednesday. an event acknowledged by four u.s. presidents. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. >> you want to know what i'm going to do now that i'm retired? >> yeah! >> by god, i hope to become the new face of scientology. >> reporter: the show featured a star studded top ten list. the topic? things i always wanted to say to dave. >> dave, i have no idea what i will do when you go off the air. you know, i just thought of something. i'll be fine. >> i'm just glad your show is
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being given to another white guy! >> reporter: the last than to play on dave's stage was the foo fighters. letterman says listening to their music helped him recover from heart surgery. the show also featured highlights of his career from a television trailblazer and entertainer and he thanks his staff and family. >> thank you for being my family. i love you both. and really, nothing else matters does it? >> reporter: those lucky enough to score a ticket say it was an unforgettable experience. >> it felt like, you know, you are losing a family member. >> reporter: another audience member said it was the best way he could go out. i have to tell you it is just a small taste of his final show. the laughs are incredible. the jokes are hilarious, but he had the last laugh even after the show. he parked a phony limo outside of his office so all these cameras and people were hanging out there. this is how he came out. through the front entrance. no cameras around.
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a few people just saw him with a bunch of vip friends and guests so he really got to drink it all in. and i don't know if any cameras caught it. we will probably seat it on vine or instagram or something. >> i'm sure somebody saw it. >> reporter: we didn't get it. nobody else did. >> real special show tonight. yeah. you really get to see the real guy i think behind the image. suzanne marques, thank you. well, for two weeks now, we have been retracing dave's steps here in the bay area. particularly, his week's worth of show at the palace of fine arts. it was a absolute blast. a lot of you keep asking the same question. whatever happened to manny the hippy? remember that young guy that dave made a star? >> well, it took two months but our mike sugerman actually found him. >> reporter: oh, this particular long strange trip started back in 1996 when david
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letterman bumped into a random kid. >> how are you doing buddy? how is it going? >> i think i'm having a flash back. >> i bet you are. >> reporter: in a flash, we had manny the hippy. he spread hippy vernacular around the world. >> thank means good. >> right. >> and what is bad if dank is good? >> schwag. >> jimmy carter? dank. ronald reagan? schwag. >> reporter: but his wild ride with dave didn't end in the van. he actually became the late show fixture jamming with rock stars, dishing out movie reviews. >> give us your rating of the movie mission impossible. how was it? >> schwag! >> reporter: faster than you can roll a joint, manny was drawing crowds and signs autographs. >> you think anyone will know who he is? >> anyone watching letterman will know. >> reporter: manny was the
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subject of my first story on kpix5. >> you got money to pay for this? >> manny, how much longer do you think you will be a hippy? >> the rest of my life. >> 18 years later they still recognize you. >> it is kind of ridiculous. i will never live this one down. >> reporter: yep, people still stop him. but he spends most of his time doubling as manny the mechanic. restoring vw buses and living on the road. >> i'm a fish man. but i'm more of a deadhead. >> reporter: he has the newspaper clippings. the cover has rised to fame. as for his stay in the tank? >> yeah. oh god, send them to prison for pot. i feel that, like, part of the that whole fiasco helps marijuana legalization. >> reporter: so in case you are wondering, manny hasn't changed much since 1996. >> i'm still a screen actor's
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guild guy. >> reporter: and we think that is pretty dank. >> i have been staying out of trouble dave. you know? >> he is good. >> staying out of trouble. >> reporter: i'm mike sugerman, kpix5. [ laughter ] >> staying out of trouble. that's good. well, the final late show just minutes away, by the way. tonight cease show is 20 minutes longer than usual so you just may want to adjust your dvrs. in honor of the last show, rival jimmy kimmel will run a rerun. >> so manny the hippy is still a card member. >> more things change, the more things stay the same. same thing with the weather. 20 straight days with this drizzle and fog and the on shore flow and temperaturings not hitting 70. guess what? it is drizzling enough outside. it kind of feels like rain, you will use your wipers tomorrow morning. organized rainfall not in the bay area. we have the drizzle. still some showers and a few thunderstorms up toward redding
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and chico. it has not even hit 70 in san jose in 12 days and we will add day 13 and 14 the next few days. the forecast is not changing. we are dominated by a big trough of low pressure. within that big trough, we have other low pressure areas. one causing rainfall from salt lake city. west to mount shasta. this is why we have it cranked up tonight and will continue to tomorrow as it passes by to the south, widespread drizzle tomorrow morning. slight chance of a shower, but really lit be about the drizzle and fog and low cloud cover. again, 21 straight days. high pressure trying to build in over the weekend. it will be a bit milder. it will be a bit sunnier for you coming up over the holiday weekend, but we are talking like three, four, five degrees. we are going to stay below average for a while. the drizzle, mist, light showers. we will have it all. a typeny rain chance tomorrow as we stay chilly through friday with that minor warming trend coming up over the weekend. we are staying in the 60s . san jose, you are not getting there tomorrow.
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upper 60s , upper 70s . fremont, 65. walnut creek tomorrow, 67. san francisco only 61. petaluma 66 degrees. your extended forecast, we will see a little warming saturday and sunday. memorial day will be dry and partly sunny. more significant warming coming up next week. also coming up, ♪
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>> you are in the right spot. david letterman's final show just a couple of minutes away. >> he tweeted thank you and goodnight. #thanksdave. again, the last late show airs right after this newscast. right here on kpix5. we will be right back.
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>> tim lincecum can quote mark twain when talking about his 2015 season so far. reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. at&t park looking a lot like candlestick park tonight. seven shut out innings. haven't allowed a run in his
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last few road starts. buster posey deep for his seventh home run of the year. giants win 4-0. two-and-a-half for the lead of the dodgers. the oakland has lost 12 of 14. you know, maybe they need riley curry. >> that's too loud, daddy. be quiet. >> steph curry's daughter riley continues to be the early mvp of the conference finals after starring in last night's press conference. some have criticized curry for bringing his daughter to the podium. >> she was a little too cute. there was a little outrage about that. >> find another daughter? [ laughter ] >> that was the most entertaining press conference ever. my wife was loving it by the
11:31 pm
way. she thought it was the cutest thing ever. >> well, a little too jacked out of their mind to meet shaq. cleveland clinging to a lead. but lebron james ends it with a thunderous dunk and the cavaliers win 97-89. we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> the final late show with david letterman is next. >> yeah. from all of us here at cbs on
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the west coast david, thank you >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. >> dave: you're just kidding right? >> it's the late show with david letterman.


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